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But, when he’s really interested, you’ll know it as he shifts from reserved to romantic in a heartbeat.But, it’s likely to take some time before that happens.Even if he feels like his partner is taking him for granted, he won’t stop trying to fix the relationship.

A Cancer woman usually socializes due to someone pushing her to do so. She may be the wallflower type, so she needs someone to draw her out and bring her out of her shell.

Cancer Women Are Intuitive When she is socializing she is very open to her intuition.

He doesn’t move fast in relationships, instead preferring to take his time.

He doesn’t believe in love at first sight and he doesn’t fall for just anyone.

The Cancer man is a water sign and he has feelings that run as deep as the ocean.

He’s sensitive, intuitive and he’s got a heart of gold that’s filled with empathy for others, especially those in need.The Cancer man will never come on too strong and neither should you.He’ll distance himself from someone who is abrupt or too intense.He’s not being passive, he’s just hoping that things will change for the better.He’s one of the most likely of the signs to weather the storm if things start to take a turn for the worse.She throws herself completely into a marriage once she finds a man she wants to marry. You just need to find a way to show her that you really care and that being with you is right for her.

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