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Yu says that he isn’t interested in that kind of thing... Haruto darkly says that he’s noisy to death, go over that side. He ends up saying that he’ll let his girlfriend hold it then.

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Yu asks him if Haruto doesn’t like cake or cookies. She asks, or Haruto has some psychological trauma...about Valentines Day!?

Takumi laughs and tells her that today is the first time they encountered it as such a huge event. ” Yu is embarrassed for she couldn’t hide it from him.

“That is right, no matter who, no one would like this kind of thing...” Putting the cookies in her pocket, Yuki recalls Haruto telling her that she’s really annoying and quickly go back.

“Annoying to death.” Yuki muses that it seems that he didn’t say the words ‘I won’t want’ and he also accepted the other dormmates’ things... Takumi says that she finally answered and just now, he always couldn’t get through her phone...

Mako tells Yu again that her cellphone rang a while ago.

Yu looks at her phone and is surprised to see a missed call from Haruto.She immediately calls out to Haruto’s name which surprises the two girls.Yu is puzzled over what the situation is and how come her parents are with Haruto.At the entrance, Haruto says that she’s slow to death and she should immediately answer his call. Yu thinks that she wore her school coat and came over here, what’s going on!Yu’s mother says that papa’s business trip this time is on this side so she came along with him.To his surprise, she holds the pillow in front of her face and says, “Question, do you hate cookies?

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