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Users search for potential partners by filtering for geographical location, sexual orientation and other criteria.

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A group of young, successful Jewish entrepreneurs, including Platinum Rye Entertainment chairman Ryan Schinman and Salesforce’s chief strategy officer Mike Lazerow, is providing financial backing for JSwipe.

According to Yarus, everyone involved is focused—at least at this point— on growing JSwipe rather than monetizing it.

JSwipe’s users are a serious community, and we’ve already had engagements and marriages of people who met using it,” he said.

People who sign up to use the app on their smartphone create a short bio and upload five photos of themselves from Facebook.

A staff of eight works out of a small factory in Brooklyn on making this desired growth happen.

The team’s engineers have been working out technical bugs on both the IOS and Android versions of the app that some users have encountered so that “swiping someone off their feet,” as Yarus put it, will become technologically smoother.

“On other dating sites…, you learn about a person and decide whether or not they could be a match for you.

Then you meet them and decide whether there is chemistry and attraction. You first narrow down the pool to people you’re attracted to, then you have to meet them to find out if they might be a good match for you,” she said.

“Young people today don’t have time to search listings or craft long profiles or messages,” he said. You only end up spending time on someone when there is a mutual interest.” Yarus is also certain that the fact that JSwipe offers free love—as in, there is no charge to use the app—is a significant contributor to its popularity.

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