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"If one person does not want it to work, it isn’t going to work. Everything’s a choice." Hawn and Russell, 64, met on the set of 1968's PHOTOS: Goldie and Kate -- then and now "[Kurt] came from three sisters and a very strong family unit. PHOTOS: Famous celebrity families "What you prepare your children for is to be able to deal with differences, obstacles, ways of handling uncertainty," she explains.

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They have one of the entertainment industry’s longest-running relationships, and it was clear their romance is as passionate as ever when Goldie Hawn, 71, and Kurt Russell, 66, received their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame together earlier this year. All of the stars in the sky or on the boulevard don’t hold a candle to that,” Kurt gushed, adding that there’s no one in the world he’d rather be next to than his partner of 34 years.

Clearly wowed by his words, a smitten Goldie quipped to the crowd, “Did we just get married?

After that, on 24 April 1963, he appeared as a guest in the series named ' Our Man Higgins' in ABC.

From 1963 to 1964, he appeared in a western series named ' The Travel of Jaimie Mc Pheeters' in ABC.

“I wake up each morning and I really can make a choice. “It led to a separation, which was a real gamechanger in the relationship. What does a piece of paper have to do with it for me?

The day she left Kurt was their greatest test.” Having already said “I do” twice — to actor-director Gus Trikonis in 1969 and actor-musician Bill Hudson in 1976 — Goldie decided to just say no to another legal commitment. ” That’s the mindset she was in when she fell hard for Kurt in 1983 on the set of . It didn’t break them apart, but Goldie never forgot that incident.” (Photo Credit: Getty Images) The couple “were having trouble communicating,” according to the insider, when Goldie took a solo trip in 2004 to India and spent some time with her friend Imran Khan, a former cricket player turned politician.The couple first met in the year 1979 on the set of film Elvis. PHOTOS: Hollywood couples -- then and now "A lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. And you both need to want it to work," Hawn, 69, explains. Being together, two pillars holding up the house and the roof, and being different, not having to agree on everything, learning how to deal with not agreeing. Wyatt, Kate, and Oliver all caught the acting bug, which Hawn didn't seem to mind.In the year 2015, he has also co-starred in an action film named Furious 7.Kurt was married to an actress named Season Hubley. After his divorce, he started having an affair with an actress named Goldie Hawn. He owns a home in Palm desert in California and has the net worth of million.” The joke everyone was in on, of course, is that Goldie and Kurt have purposely avoided walking down the aisle, crediting that decision for the secret to their success. And I like that.” Though Goldie and Kurt are now having the last laugh — proving their staying power to anyone who’s ever doubted their commitment — there was a time when Goldie did make the decision to leave and found herself suddenly alone.

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