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% The latest version can be obtained at: % % The documentation is contained in the file itself.

% % Note that some packages require special options to format as the Computer % Society requires.

%% %% All comments are the opinions of their respective authors and are not %% necessarily endorsed by the IEEE.

%% %% This work is distributed under the La Te X Project Public License (LPPL) %% ( ) version 1.3, and may be freely used, %% distributed and modified.

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% % If has not been installed into the La Te X system files, % manually specify the path to it like: % \documentclass[conference,compsoc] % Some very useful La Te X packages include: % (uncomment the ones you want to load) % *** MISC UTILITY PACKAGES *** % %\usepackage % Heiko Oberdiek's is very useful if you need conditional % compilation based on whether the output is pdf or dvi.

% usage: % \ifpdf % % pdf code % \else % % dvi code % \fi % The latest version of can be obtained from: % % Also, note that V1.7 and later provides a builtin % \if CLASSINFOpdf conditional that works the same way.Without this option, % it is possible that some math symbols, particularly those within % footnotes, will be rendered in bitmap form which will result in a % document that can not be IEEE Xplore compliant!% % Also, note that the amsmath package sets \interdisplaylinepenalty to 10000 % thus preventing page breaks from occurring within multiline equations.graphicx % will default to the driver specified in the system if no % driver is specified.% \usepackage[dvips] % declare the path(s) where your graphic files are % \graphicspath % and their extensions so you won't have to specify these with % every instance of \includegraphics % \Declare Graphics Extensions \fi % graphicx was written by David Carlisle and Sebastian Rahtz.In particular, Computer Society papers do not use % compressed citation ranges as is done in typical IEEE papers % (e.g., [1]-[4]).

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