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The Kite Loft was founded by Bill “King of the Wind” Ochse who, by his sheer energy and natural charisma, managed to elevate Ocean City to its status of Kite Capital of the World by 1978.

I’ve observed as the DSLR video revolution spread across the world, and watched as the lines between photography and videography started to blur as video cameras started to shoot stills and still cameras started to shoot video.

As I slowly began to dabble in videography myself and watched how much it helped build my name and brand, I came to the inevitable conclusion that the future of my career was going to depend on my ability to not just grow my photography, but also to branch out and learn as much as I could about motion pictures. It promised both inside a single affordable body — the perfect hybrid system capable of doing both high end stills and video.

Rather than capture a sunset, go zip-lining or journey on a dirt-bike excursion, we opted to finding a guide that could take us safely through the streets of Guatemala and show us one of the growing crisis they faced: the thriving landfill economy where thousands of adults and children pay for the privilege to pick through garbage.

We were warned to travel light, bringing only the minimum to minimize the danger of theft and violence.

I was embarking on a little journey to do some non-profit work for an organization called the Med Surplus Alliance.

Though my project was purely video, it was a relief to not need to bring a separate DSLR stills kit “just in case”.Ocean City, Maryland hosts two International Kite Festivals, held every last weekend in April and third weekend after Labor Day.Beautiful, funny and sexy as hell are a deadly combination in a girl. I like to talk about anything,even about things taboo. I am a young girl uninhibited and always open mind.Though not as long as I would have hoped for, I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to leverage the 42 megapixels that the camera had to offer and to visualize up-close the suffering the locals were going through just to survive.To my great disappointment though, after pulling my shots into the computer, I discovered that despite the resolution of the files, they just looked smudgy — something (as I’ve since discovered) that only seems to happen with my 28-135mm, especially when zoomed in, focusing at hyperfocal. As far as cameras go, the a7R II was miles ahead of that of the a7R.Sony’s choice to focus on the lighter f/4 zoom lenses as opposed to the f/2.8 complimented by wider primes points to that.

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