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So, starting an affair is not a brilliant step to take – and yet people do it all the time. People ask this question to justify what's happening in their lives.But in my experience an affair only helps a marriage in two situations.When women find themselves in long-term affairs of this kind, with a married man, they frequently sacrifice their friends, their family and their chance of marriage and motherhood.

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These family solicitors are committed to the 'constructive resolution of family disputes'. These things on their own do not prove your partner is having an affair, but they are good indicators. They start 'going for a drink after work' and have more nights out, supposedly with girlfriends. They will frequently buy their live-in partner little loving gifts because they are feeling guilty, and sometimes they become extra keen on sex and become more passionate in bed than they have for years.

Leaving one partner and starting afresh with someone else is never easy. And quite often everyone, including the children, learns to come to terms with the split. Again, these changes in themselves don't mean for certain that they're being unfaithful, but they certainly show that something different is going on and can alert the spouse to a possible affair.

Affairs can be exhilarating, exciting, passionate and romantic.

They can also be destructive, painful, time-wasting and demeaning.

In my practice, I'm seeing an increasing number of people who have had long affairs at work, but who have suddenly been dumped when they or their lover retired.

This is happening to both genders and can be terribly painful.

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, one of the lovers begins to want something more. Some experts believe that if a married lover fails to make plans to leave home within the first three months of an affair, he or she will never leave.

Whether or not this is true, it's certainly apparent that if an affair goes on for a long time – and sometimes they go on for 20 years or more – the outcome is usually bleak.

This means that nowadays there are plenty of male lovers hanging on and hoping that their married female lovers will leave home.

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