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Your date needs to be in the house for it to count. Let your date know you had a good time (if you really did).~Respect Yourself~ Unfortunately there are times when your date is not very respectful of who you are and your standards. Only tell them you are going to call them if it is the truth.

: Extra cologne and perfume do not cover up the smell of sweat....

~Know Where You Are Going and What You Are Doing~ This is good teen dating tip manners.

Sometimes dinner is on the go, sometimes it's in shifts and sometimes it's fraught with interruptions.

If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps 2013 should be the year to incorporate Sunday family supper into your repertoire.

Most of our afternoons consist of sports practice, music lessons, dance class and homework.

Gone are the days of leisurely meals, with everyone sharing the story of their day and having a chance to practice proper eating etiquette.

A bunch of people can come up with so much more to do and talk about. Grooming is a good habit anyway, but take it to the next level for your date.

Honestly, no one wants to go out with someone that just got done with team practice and smells like it.

Make a special family friendly meal and set the table as though you were expecting guests. Please chew with your mouth closed and keep lips together. If you need to get up during the meal, politely ask to be excused and return to the table as quickly as possible. Take the food on your fork or spoon up to your mouth. Eating over the plate helps in case there is a little spill. In between eating, rest your fork and knife on the plate in and upside down "V." Knives and forks are not fairy wands or light sabers and shouldn't be waved around the table. Try to use both your fork and knife and while cutting your food, doing your best to keep your elbows close to your side. When you are done with your meal, place your fork and knife on the plate to the right side with blade in and fork in the upward position.

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