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I always felt that I needed to remind people that I was still alive ... Well, I sketched this picture in Spanish class when I was really, really bored ... Of course, I noticed the mannequins in the PV, so I decided to add mannequins into the drawing ... and I felt that it looked good, so I scanned it (which was a long and paaaaaainful process) and colored it on Photoshop. the pose and stuff of the mannequin was inspired by the Gazett E's PV for "Taion" ... A time honoured rock beat suddenly had hundreds of hands clapping on cue and bodies swaying to the punk-pop permutation of Ode to Joy, announcing that LM. Of course, the massive illuminated backdrop featuring the band name left no doubts.

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Simple throughout the rap, the sexy guitar line came back throughout to fulfil the piece.

Meanwhile, the crowd fulfilled their own responsibility, yelling half of the chorus as required.

A red wash brought about a heavier sound, shifting from creepy to dangerous as Aiji took the lead.

A lovely melodic solo well-matched to the militaristic drums then took the piece back to its original imagery.

“I’ve been looking forward to this so much I haven’t been able to sleep since July 17,” maya joked, giving in to the crowd’s cries.

Aiji then confessed that the demanding set list had him on his toes.

Swirly Brushes in the Background (c) ~Scully7491Art (c) Me Materials: Pencil Photoshop CS3P.

the person who has the face is the "Romeo" and the headless mannequin is the "Juliet" ...

At last, maya added his voice to the final outburst of “Rock, ☆Rock the LM. The groovy beat of JOKER-my name is- had bodies jumping and hands flying as well as a call of “Sha-lalalala” from both Aiji and the crowd.

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