Muslim college life dating drinking and deen

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Drinking in college is also the norm unfortunately. Drinking is cool and a way for people to socialize, meet and have fun.

The one who doesn't is less of a person and 'misses out'.

Freedom from their parents, from restrictions on their lifestyle, from everyone telling them what to do.

For one, when students go off to university they finally realize that what they believed in was blind.

Religion becomes like a fairytale, when they got old enough, they knew better than to believe in it. Islamic culture to them means marrying someone they never knew.

Most have little knowledge about Islam and have maybe memorized the right rituals to get by. It means arranged marriages and never hanging out or having fun. It would mean double standards or having to serve a husband the rest of her life.

Who's going out with who, what are my friends thinking, what will happen if I don't get the right girl or guy, what is my girlfriend or boyfriend thinking, all become important.

In true Islam, unlike culture, there is no game playing.

Often in my life, I have found difficulty in trying to satisfy all three strands of my religious and cultural identity, particularly when it came to the opposite sex.

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Women are treated with respect, there is no sexual bombardment like there is in western society.

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