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Women’s rights activists and women survivors of violence in Pakistan and the Philippines challenged the dominant construction of victimhood in situations of domestic violence by creating powerful digital stories.

The digital stories enable them to take control of the narrative and to tell the complex realities of domestic violence through their own words and experiences, and present an important and often missing account of their strategies of survival as active subjects instead of passive victims of violence.

The internet in India has also become a significant, albeit controversial, site for sex education on a range of topics including HIV/AIDS, contraception, menopause and sexual pleasure.

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In India, the EROTICS research uncovers the complex ways that young women experiment with the ideas of “sexy” through self-representation in dating, matrimonial and social networking sites.

Through this, they are able to push the boundaries of cultural and social barriers that place intense scrutiny on the sexuality and mobility of women and girls.

This report attempts to foreground some of the key insights from the work of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) in the area of women’s rights, violence against women and sexual rights in relation to the internet.

Role of the internet in realising rights The findings from APC exploratory research into the area of sexuality and the internet (called EROTICS) as well as our work on information and communications technologies (ICTs) and violence against women in twelve countries clearly indicate that the internet is a critical space in the struggle for fundamental rights and freedoms.

For them, the internet is an especially vital space for democratic deliberation and political contestation where different actors, struggles and concerns are able to converge to inform or transform norms and public opinion and, in turn, policy that regulates their lives.

It is a site where transitional or long-term alliances are forged in the form of informal social groupings, communities of shared interests or communication spaces for action.In the US, young people under the age of seventeen are unable to access unfiltered content in publicly funded libraries.Added to the lack of comprehensive sex education in schools, this has an impact of significantly limiting their right and evolving capacity to exercise agency and decision making about a critical component of their development.This is especially true in contexts where civil liberties are restricted or threatened.In contexts where people are discriminated against because of their gender or sexual identity, the restriction of and threats to their basic rights is a daily struggle and reality.Shared or public internet access points, which can help address some of the cost issues, provide a limited solution to access for women and girls.

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