Next generation in online dating

Permaneça em contacto com as pessoas que vai conhecendo.

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Online dating has come a long way since the first real mainstream online dating site,, came on the scene in 1995.

Over the last 15 years online dating has transformed from the perception of being the place where “losers” go to meet to the more modern and correct perception of being the place where singles of all kinds can connect with others.

Pick any combination of four numbers plus a percentage point, use it as your story's stardate.

For example, 1313.5 is twelve o'clock noon of one day and 1314.5 would be noon of the next day.

Each percentage point is roughly equivalent to one-tenth of one day.

The progression of stardates in script should remain constant but don't worry about whether or not there is a progression from other scripts.

The digit following the decimal point is generally regarded as a day counter.

Stardates of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine began with 46379.1, corresponding to the sixth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation which was also set in the year 2369.

Imagine que a internet existia quando você era mais jovem e rebelde.

Agora, com o Senior Next Portugal, pode voltar a viver as emoções dessa altura!

13): "41." The 4 stands for 24th century, the 1 indicates first season.

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