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Still, Struthers and Nolan were determined, partly because SAG-AFTRA rules stipulate that directors "make every effort to cast qualified persons of the same sex and or race" as the character for which they double.

Nolan's crew also couldn't imagine casting a man to mimic Hathaway's seductive performance.

Then in September 2015, one day before her 35th birthday, her world came crashing down. In the clip, she's seated in a plastic whiskey barrel, her head and shoulders exposed and a towrope in her hand.

*** Van Vugt has never watched footage of the accident that nearly killed her. On this test run, she's trying out a winch that will replace a 50-foot ramp and the whiskey barrel, a new contraption similar to her motorized Barbie car.

"She picked it up like a natural." For four months that fall, Van Vugt put on the Lycra catsuit, elbow pads, a helmet and brunette wig, and applied layers of foam sealant and talc to protect her skin from the leather gloves and boots. "I didn't want anybody to know or to think I was high-maintenance," Van Vugt says.

"But my hands started breaking out in massive red, itchy patches, and the makeup lady noticed." On days she didn't pilot the Batpod, the crew tutored her-how to drive a police car, handle weapons, get blown up.

"It was a moment in life where you think, 'This is where I'm meant to be,'" she says.

"I thought, 'I want to do this the rest of my life.'" But she wasn't ready to leave Nitro Circus, so when the film wrapped, she packed up her new skills and went back.With Van Vugt still inside, the barrel slams onto the concrete 5 feet below, and the video fades to black.No, Travis Pastrana proposed to longtime girlfriend, skater Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, at the Nitro Circus Live tour in Las Vegas Nevada on June 4th 2011, and the two got married on October 29th 2011 in California near Lyn-z's home.As Nitro Girl, Van Vugt felt like an adrenalized version of herself, a role she rarely had the luxury to turn off.But on set, by becoming someone else, she felt free to be Jolene.By the end of the first day, Van Vugt was racing Goy around the track and doing figure eights.

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