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Men like a feminine woman for one, Ukraine women are some of the most beautiful in the world and EVERY man enjoys this!I guess the main thing a Western man like me seeks in marriage with a Ukraine woman is to first find her respect that man is head of his house, she allows him to be a man and that she is more focused to be a partner.She was not the best match to me really and we endured many problems that we just ended up in divorce. Since then: 2007: Traveled to Lithuania, woman sent me youthful photos of her 10 years prior, basically deceived me to come meet her claiming to be one woman and actually another.

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It means being totally honest with the person and opening yourself up, she and you, so you begin to discover each other in the very basic form of the heart and soul.

It is a great opportunity to learn the “” of a person, that is IF they are being honest and you have to be smart and ever vigilant to always make sure “things make sense” while you develop relations.

You can only judge the individual, NOT the female population.

Ukraine women differ from American women mainly in their femininity. American women seem to have lost that given the rise of feminism and career aspirations.

In 1999, I traveled once more to meet a woman IN Odessa who was from Lugansk and experienced my first SCAM!

She was what we call a professional dater, tricking men to think she wanted marriage and taking support of their care.

I also hold online dating agencies such as and A Foreign Affair as representative of what is WRONG in the industry. is notorious for profiling dishonest women and hordes of scammers. I know of NO ONE who has had a positive experience in finding love with their women.

Since it is one of the biggest agencies out there, men mistakenly assume they help you get married. I actually used one of their agencies in Kharkov in 2011.

They paid a woman to go out on a date with me, claiming she was available for marriage when in fact she was engaged to be married. We hit if off so well that she came clean to tell me the entire story.

She became a dear friend afterwards because she was HONEST!

Reggie offers you over 17 years International online dating experience and is an expert in exposing online romance scams, having personally exposed over 1100 fake Ukraine brides posting profiles and some fraudulent marriage and dating agencies.

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