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This week’s Best Translated Book Award post is from Lori Feathers, co-owner of Interabang Books in Dallas, TX.

She’s also a freelance book critic and member of the National Book Critics Circle.

Perhaps most impressive is the way that he builds a quiet but palpable sense of tension in the situation that the family’s dysfunction has created. From the Spanish by Jeannine Marie Pitas) is a bilingual poetry volume in four parts, consisting of the poems “The History of Violets,” “Magnolia,” “The War of the Orchards,” and “The Native. The book was originally published in the Catalan by Anagrama as Hello and greetings in the 2017 holiday season! Read More is a novel tour by plane, train, automobile, blimp, horse, and submarine through a world that I can only hope is what Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès’s psyche looks like, giant squids and all.

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The action in sections two and three takes place in the present with Vanda and Aldo, now in their seventies, returning after a vacation to find their home ransacked. Read More Mario Benedetti (1920-2009), Uruguay’s most beloved writer, was a man who loved to bend the rules. Imagine reading a work that suddenly and very accurately calls out you, the reader, for not providing your full attention to the act of reading. Read More chronicles the unique ferocity of a national dance competition in Argentina.

Starnone has a masterful way of depicting the fragility of domestic relationships with egos, vulnerabilities, and self-interested bargaining swirling about to create conflict and disappointment. Read More This review was originally published as a report on the book at New Spanish Books, and has been reprinted here with permission of the reviewer. He gave his haikus as many syllables as fit his mood, and wrote a play divided into sections instead of acts. Imagine how embarrassing it is when you, the reader, believe that you are engrossed in. The dance, called the malambo, pushes the physical and mental limits of male competitors striving to become champions of not only.

However, it can reach heights of up to 10 m (33 ft) in equatorial areas.

The plant usually grows in arid environments, at a temperature range of 5–35 °C (41–95 °F).

It is also known as jimaa in the Oromo language and mayirungi in Luganda Language.

Khat has been grown for use as a stimulant for centuries in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Her recent reviews can be found at by Domenico Starnone, translated from the Italian by Jhumpa Lahiri (Europa Editions) The Italian author Domenico Starnone appears to be a guy with a lot going for him, not least the talented women in his life: his purported wife is none other than Anita Raja (aka, Elena Ferrante); and, the versatile author Jhumpa Lahiri is his English translator.

Not to mention that Starnone is a smart and entertaining author in his own right. Ties is the story of a fifty-two-year-long marriage that sustained the blow of infidelity but decades later still lists sharply to starboard from the impact.

Khat goes by various traditional names, such as kat, qat, qaad, ghat, chat, Abyssinian Tea, Somali Tea, Miraa, Arabian Tea, and Kafta in its endemic regions of the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Khat is a slow-growing shrub or tree that typically attains a height of 1–5 m (3 ft 3 in–16 ft 5 in).

Main point: You can enjoy this podcast even if you aren’t reading the book!

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