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"We think it's the best way to pay tribute to him," Semushkina said.

Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky wrote on his blog that Jobs was "an example to a generation." "Maybe, somebody, inspired by this example, will create in Russia a company that will make a breakthrough in innovation and make the world finally revise their attitude to us as a country with a commodity-dependent economy," he wrote.

"Our officials could learn a lot from him." United Russia Duma Deputy Robert Shlegel changed his Twitter avatar to the image of the day a silhouette of Jobs' profile on the Apple emblem.

Lyudmila Semushkina, spokeswoman of the re: Store Retail Group, a premium Apple retailer, said fans of Jobs in Russia were also bringing flowers to the stores across the country.

In Omsk, local Apple fans planned to organize a flashmob near a retailer's store and bring apples with a missing bite the company's symbol, city news portal reported.

When Medvedev came to power the following year, the i Phone became the symbol, and Jobs the poster child for "innovation" the catchword of the Medvedev era.

For those who dream of a different Russia, Jobs was living proof of the possibility of honest success a living rebuke to "political demagogues" who claim "it is impossible to make a billion honestly," as Sergei Alexashenko, director of macroeconomic research at the Higher School of Economics told Vedomosti Thursday.

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The Moscow Times, like most newspapers, has been produced on Macs since its founding in 1992.

Jobs as a personality only began to achieve fame in Russia with the stream of i-branded products that Apple began to churn out after his return to the company in 1997, after a 12-year absence.

Semushkina said none of Russia's Apple stores adjusted their work schedule on Thursday.

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