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This page will be dedicated to those slaves, subs and sissies who have submitted stories and want the world to know all about them.Each page will have a different scenario from each of these subs.The list is endless but we hope the free chat rooms provide you with plenty of opportunities to test this whole culture out Forget Vanilla and try experimenting a little.

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Online sex slave webcam

As well as that, she also put a chastity cage on my cock that forbade any erections. Plus, when I leak pre-cum through the cage, it means my panties get moist just like a proper slut.

An absolute whore who was only after one thing, Cock.

We hope to bring you hundreds of different stories that possibly will give you an idea of what to expect in a real-life encounter with a Mistress or to prepare if you are having a cam session online for the first time. I have always been a crossdresser, even since a young age.

With that said meet Cindy who wants to share her humiliating life. I would always sneak into my mothers closet and pick out dresses and underwear and try them on and parade around.

It was not till I had grown up that I discovered I was not a prissy sissy maid, all prime and proper with starched uniform, elbow length gloves and nice tidy apron on. A cum guzzling whore who does nasty, disgusting things at my Mistress’s command.

To this day, I do not really know if it was entirely my choice to be a slutty whore or if it that decision was taken from me.Mistress decided I was going to be completely humiliated and degraded as I paraded around with my skirt held high to flash my knickers and let the guys know I was open for business.She loved kicking me in the ass to move faster and spitting in my face.Our bondage rooms are always available to train weak slaves and sissy girls.No matter if you are the dominant or the submissive or you switch, you will find everything you need on this website.Imagine our cruel Mistresses demanding you sniff, taste and worship their Panties?

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