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The best is sometimes I will swap them out when she is in the bathroom or just not looking (you know replace her panties with a pair taken from another girl) sometimes they never notice.Other times, I just get the Sharpie marker and put a small dot on the tag to see if they wear them again the next time. She thought they were her “lucky” panties.1/8/2003 UPDATE: Scholfield gets not-too-brief sentence APRIL 22--Police have finally stopped the prodigious Wisconsin thong thief.On the following pages you'll find the Menomonie Police Department report on the thong theft, an e-mail from one victim describing which of her panties were purloined, an inventory of the items seized from the suspect's residence, and Scholfield's handwritten voluntary statement. No harm intended just a little practical joke," wrote Scholfield, who was booked into jail on burglary and criminal damage charges. Thong Thief Nailed Again Wisconsin panty pilferer hid hot underpants in apartment ceiling JULY 8--The notorious Wisconsin thong thief is at it again, according to cops.

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Cops got a search warrant for Scholfield's apartment and found Blexrude's three thongs (and 11 other pairs of women's underpants) hidden in the ceiling.

But the haul was dwarfed by Scholfield's prior prodigious output.

The plaid is a grey base with some blue and brown thrown in.

Still time to wear it before the weather turns warmer, and one of those things you might look forward to pulling out of the closet each October for years to come. Wool looks like flannel, but it’s not flannel, so you shouldn’t be burning up in it once the temps get back above freezing.

When officers later executed a search warrant at the suspect's home, they discovered a whopping 854 pairs of thong underwear, which investigators found stuffed everywhere--in shoe boxes, a briefcase, and even a Pokemon lunch pail.

Scholfield, pictured below in a police mug shot, claimed that he gathered the thongs during panty raids, a claim investigators have a hard time believing.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Needless to not talk anymore and my man is fortunately full of testosterone so that is never going to be an issue...whew! But I did know this one guy who would staple them to his wall. Then there was this one guy who sewed them together and made curtains. I have ended up holding on to the panties of someone I'm with. Now the rest of the story - a guy online is selling artificial p**sy juice for guys who like the smell.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. It usually occurs more on one of those nights out where I'll ask her to take them off next time she goes to the washroom and usually if she does they get stuffed in my pocket for the evening. And dozens of women sell their worn panties to those who like such things.This is starting to feel more like a going-out-of-business fire sale than anything else. Over 400 items have been added to their sale section. Also comes with “a split panel in the shoulders for mobility.” That works too.Maybe that’s not the case at all, but you just don’t see these kinds of names, with this level of drastic reductions, with this variety of sizes still available. They also keep throwing the word “final” around in their graphics. All wool, nice striped pattern, and looks like it’ll do just fine with trousers or jeans.The woman, Kristin Blexrude, discovered the burglary upon returning to her apartment after the Fourth of July weekend, noticing that "her dresser drawer was slightly open." A check inside revealed that three pairs of "very distinctive thong underwear" were missing.

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