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Host profile policies also monitor compliance to standard host configuration settings across the datacenter.

Using Host Profiles Profile configurations can be managed via GUI (vi Client), v Sphere APIs or Power CLI. VMware v Sphere 4 – Host Profiles Feature from Xtravirt (Paul Davey) Host Profiles Official VMware Demo v Sphere Host Profiles by Jason Nash (video) Managing host profiles with v Sphere Power CLI!

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The long term fix for this is to repoint the scratch partition to persistent storage, as per KB article 1033696 (link below).

We deployed a single 50Gb LUN called “Logs” just for the purpose of storing log data for our 5 hosts, then changed the Advanced Settings parameter Scratch Config.

If lost you need to configure the parameter again and bounce the server.

A related change we also made was to set up syslogging for a larger timeframe (full details via link below) :- The Syslog server creates a subfolder under ..\VMware Syslog Collector\Data\ for the Management IP of each host sending Syslog data. language=en_US&cmd=display KC&external Id=1003564 Configuring Syslog on ESXi 5.0:

I thought it might be worth sharing the outcome of some troubleshooting of some ESXi 5 servers running off SD cards, in case anyone else encounters similar issues.

When v Sphere 4 proved capable of booting ESXi from a 4Gb SD card or USB stick it became a tempting option for saving money on storage with new deployments.

You can use profile policies to eliminate per-host manual host configuration and efficiently maintain configuration consistency and correctness across the entire datacenter.

A Host Profile policies have the ability to capture the blueprint of a known, validated “golden” configuration and use this to configure networking, storage settings, security settings, and so on for multiple hosts.

Thanks to this post, I was able to figure it out quickly.

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