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The following table provides an indication of internal error codes used in the Oracle server.Thus, if ora-600[X] is encountered, it is possible to glean some high level background information : the error in generated in the Y layer which indicates that there may be a problem with Z.The data layer is responsible for maintaining and managing the data in the database tables and indexes.

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Oracle Server – Enterprise Edition – Version: Oracle Server – Personal Edition – Version: Oracle Server – Standard Edition – Version: Information in this document applies to any platform.

Checked for relevance 04-Jun-2009 This note aims to provide a high level overview of the internal errors which may be encountered on the Oracle Server (sometimes referred to as the Oracle kernel).

Thus it is important to try and repeat the same steps to see if the problem recurs.

It is important to try and determine what the object involved in any reproducible problem is. For more information, please refer to the analyze command as detailed in the context of Note:28814.1; in addition, it may be worth using the dbverify as discussed in Note:35512.1.

If there is a consistent nature to the problem, it is good practice to ensure that the latest patchsets are in place and that you have taken reasonable measures to avoid known issues.

For repeatable issues which the ora-600 tool has not listed a likely cause , it is worth constructing a test case.Within a Heap there are consistency markers which aim to ensure that the Heap is always in a consistent state.Heaps are use extensively and are in memory structures – not on disk.relates to various I/O operations.The types of operation which this layer manages are indicated as follows.local user access validation; challenge / response activity for remote access validation; auditing operation; any activities associated with granting and revoking of privileges; validation of password with external password file Heap manager.The Heap manager manages the storage of internal data in an orderly and consistent manner.Where this is possible, it greatly assists in the resolution time of any issue.

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