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If there is a consistent nature to the problem, it is good practice to ensure that the latest patchsets are in place and that you have taken reasonable measures to avoid known issues.

There can be many heaps serving various purposes; and heaps within heaps.

Common examples are the SGA heap, UGA heap and the PGA heap.

Thus it is important to try and repeat the same steps to see if the problem recurs.

It is important to try and determine what the object involved in any reproducible problem is. For more information, please refer to the analyze command as detailed in the context of Note:28814.1; in addition, it may be worth using the dbverify as discussed in Note:35512.1.

Primarily the transaction layer is involved with maintaining structures associated with the management of transactions.

As with the cache layer , problems encountered in this layer may indicate some kind of issue at a physical level.

Please consider that the details provided only serve to provide an indication of functionality and, in some cases, may not be wholly correct.

Both types of error may be possible in the Oracle server.

These relate to async i/o operation, direct i/o operation and the management of writing buffers from the buffer cache by potentially a number of database writer processes; The following table details mnemonics error stems which are possible.

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