Problems updating iphone 4s

Note: If you reset the network setting, all recorded data will be removed, such as the Bluetooth pairing records, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN as well as the APN settings.Troubleshooting 2: You also can try this Wifi solution for i Phone 4S: Note: This troubleshooting may fix the Wifi problem, but it will remove all of your preferences.

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Despite these free i OS updates being easy for the most part, this error is a very common issue.

The "Unable to Verify Update" error is infuriating if you've come across it, with your i Phone or i Pad telling you you're no longer connected to the internet, even if you are.

Annoying, and now that the i OS 11.2 beta is here, this problem has reared its head once more.

Thankfully, this is a bug that has appeared on many i OS updates in the past and as such, we know a handy fix.

Note: Restoring the i Phone 4S as a new phone is a slow process and it will reset your 4S to the factory setting.

But you need to reload all your contacts or media information to the i Phone 4S after connecting your device to the computer.

A number of i Phone 4S owners these days posted their Wifi problems to Apple discussion forums or Apple’s support forums, mentioning that they encountered the grayed out Wi-Fi button or "unable to connect" message many times after they upgraded the i Phone 4S to i OS7.

They complained the grey-out or dim Wi-Fi button issues only happen after the i OS 7 update.

Now, tap Settings from the homescreen and go to General | Software Update. Refresh your i Phone or i Pad If that doesn’t fix the problem, you can use our refresh your i Phone or i Pad guide.

This refreshes your device’s memory and solves loads of problems.3.

Reset your Network Settings Sometimes a network issue can cause the problem, but you can reset these settings easily.

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