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Robert William Gary Moore was born on April 4th 1952 in Northern Ireland.

He grew up in east Belfast as one of five children, and left home very young as a teenager.

Gary modified this guitar by replacing original neck pickup with a white Di Marzio Super Distortion pickup, while the rest seems to be pretty much all stock.

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Gary Moore is most often associated with playing Gibson Les Paul guitars.

His main guitar in the early years was a 1959 Les Paul acquired from Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, which he owned for more than 40 years before selling it in 2006.

He did sell the guitar after almost 40 years of owning it, faced with some major financial problems.

The instrument reached around $1 million when it was first auctioned in the early 2000s.

It was again put on sale in 2014, when Kirk Hammett from Metallica decided to buy it, paying a total of around $2 million.

Played mainly live in the mid to late 70s with Thin Lizzy, and can be seen during the concert in Sydney in 1978.Thanks to one of our readers (thanks Wes) the guitar’s history before it came into Gary’s hands is now known.It previously belonged to Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower, who appeared with the Les Paul on numerous occasions until 1970.His second Les Paul was also a model from 1959, acquired from guitar collector Phil Harris.This is the guitar that Gary used on his best selling album Still Got The Blues, and the one he kept by his side until his death.As can be seen on the photo above – the knobs, the trapeze tailpiece, and the color of the guitar all perfectly match Gary’s guitar.

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