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Finn is first seen with a Chloe group of friends as they ride past Rae when she is first withdrawn from the hospital, but later actually introduced at the pub.

Finn wants Archie to select the music, but is first conflicted with Rae, as she takes his money to choose what music will be played, though he is impressed by her music skills.

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Finn wants to tell her something, but is horrible at words, so he spells out "I like you" on her back.

Telling her he doesn't care if she doesn't believe him, because it's true.

He is later found crying on Rae's mother bed, having just got off the phone to the news his grandmother passed away, Rae comforts him.

Rae runs off to Finn's house, where he convinces her to go to the rave, as he will give her a ride on his scooter.

The beginning of Series 2 is the start of Finn and Rae romantic relationship.

Rae and Finn are found at the bowling alley alone together.Finn is introduced, from Rae's perspective, as a bad boy whose appearance - and arrogance about it - enables him to be popular.To the audience, Finn initially seems rude and sullen.Finn goes to Rae's telling her about how him and Olivia broke up as well as how he dislikes college, and has a job offer in Leeds with his uncle.He asks her if he has any reason to stay, getting no answer.He becomes confused when he never comes across Rae at college, and finally confronts her at school, discovering how Rae views their relationship and how she doesn't understand why he likes her.

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