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I started off the day at Saimyoji Temple located along the slopes of the 250-meter high Mount Takadate.

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Some people just don't feel the need to follow certain rules. Instead, they prefer to simply burst through a wall or window in a dramatic fashion, even if it makes no sense or it would have been easier to go the conventional way.

This is especially common when someone shoots through a door despite the considerable time and ammo this would take in Real Life.

There are a number of studios in the town that offer various types of pottery experiences: painting a ceramic plate, hand formed and electric wheel pottery.

Reservations are typically recommended for these hands-on activities, but I managed to get into a class without prior reservations.

I could see myself going to Mashiko in the winter and enjoying a "hygge" time at the cafes and galleries with my friends.

(Hygge is a Danish term and concept that loosely translates to being surrounded by everything good in your life with the people you love, creating that warm feeling of happiness and contentment.) Of course, no trip to Mashiko would be completed without experiencing the craft that the town is famous for, pottery.Being slightly off the tourist route in Mashiko, there were few visitors at the temple when I was there.The temple is surrounded by lots of greenery, and there's a hiking course that leads to the top of Mount Takadate.I felt very fortunate to be able to enjoy the serenity and fall colors surrounded by structures built centuries before I was born.One of the unexpected things about Mashiko are the modern ateliers that resemble Scandinavian design showrooms.See also Impact Silhouette (Man-Shaped Hole), Bullethole Door, Dungeon Bypass, Super Window Jump, Enter Stage Window, Car Meets House, Boarding Pod, The Exit Is That Way, and Dynamic Entry. When going through the wall (rather than the door) is actually the Belgarion, now really, that's no way to behave. I'm sure that now that he understands the situation, he'll be more than happy to cooperate, won't you, your Imperial Majesty?

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