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And, I took it upon myself to IM her or call, by chance of course, in the afternoons after that right at her workout.

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Oooops I spilled some." And she was laughing again.

Some lovely little pastries - a pecan danish and a carmel chocolate muffin.

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I work out without clothes and you called, I saw it was you and thought what the hell and picked up. I answered without clothes and I been talking to you this whole time eating pastries au natural. " "As in..." She laughed, "I GOT NO CLOTHES ON Einstein.

Looking at a piece on my thigh right now, want a taste?

I'd call once in awhile and we emailed and sometimes we chatted. There is something about the computer that kicked up our intimacy.

I let it happen, so did she, and besides I liked to drink a bit much which started in the afternoon, which left me drunk with her on the computer.

I never thought of her in any kind of sexual way until one particular evening on the phone.

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