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He says the level of dirt and decay and the sulphate skin (a blackened layer caused by water that pools instead of draining away) on the surface of the stone had most certainly been leftovers from “polluted Victorian London”.

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The rooms, which will house a café and an architectural gallery, feature a Victorian polychromatic colour scheme, gilding, mahogany bookcases and decorative plasterwork.

After much debate, the RA has decided to reinstate the 1902 colour scheme of the building’s then occupier, the Civil Service Commission, as seen on the ornate ceiling in the middle room.

The restoration of the richly decorated first-floor Senate Rooms—the best-preserved suite of rooms at Burlington Gardens—is at the heart of the project, Saumarez Smith says.

“They are very important because I think they will bring people upstairs,” he explains.

It did, however, require repairs, in part because both Portland and Mansfield stone were used in the building’s construction to give a polychromatic effect.

“There is an inherent problem when you mix these two together because Mansfield is a sandstone and Portland is a limestone.

The restoration of the façade and interiors of the Grade II*-listed Burlington Gardens building, built between 18 by the architect James Pennethorne for the University of London, is a key component of the project.

Saumarez Smith and Lyall Thow, a partner at Julian Harrap Architects, believe the exterior of the Victorian building, bought by the RA in 2001, has never had a thorough cleaning in its 150-year history, aside from what Thow calls a possible “light builder’s clean”.

The 1920s British Academy Room, a grand interior that boasts a mix of Art Deco and Neo-Classical styles, has been dismantled and will be reinstalled in a purpose-built extension in the southeast corner of the building.

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