Roaming profile not updating on logoff

As a result, these folders need not be stored by the network server on which the profile resides, and do not follow users to other computers.

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A popular misconception about mandatory user profiles is that they are deleted at logoff.

New Windows 10 Pro built for testing and logged on with an existing domain account.

First hint something was wrong was the "Roaming profile not fully synchronised" errors.

Since this folder forms part of a user’s Roaming Profile, it will be copied back and forth between the workstation and the server at every logon / logoff.

As the size of the “Downloads” folder increases, so will the user’s logon / logoff time.I freely admit that I thought so, too, until I made some tests that proved I was wrong.First, if you want to read up on the subject, see my earlier article Mandatory Profiles – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Mandatory profiles are similar to roaming profiles in that a master copy lives on a file server that gets copied down to the local machine at logon.It has one use only: allow logons when the network is not available.Only in that case the state of an earlier session is available in a later session.The setting is located here: Computer Configuration - User Profiles.

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