Rules for lesbian dating

I don’t mean the color of the walls in your bedroom or what color eyes you want your true love to have.I mean things like being completely out of the closet, trust, honesty, sobriety, monogamy, humor, adventure, respect, passion, financial responsibility, family-focused, independence or maybe commitment to self-awareness. When you know and own these truths about yourself, you stop compromising on who is a serious candidate for a relationship.

It doesn’t matter if she lives in New York City or a tiny village in Alaska (though I think the village in Alaska could win the contest for hardest place to find a date!

) In my work as a dating coach, I talk to gay women every day who have no idea who they really are deep inside. Well, it means you compromise yourself at the core of your being.

First, you’re holding back parts of who you are, and eventually that will blow up on you.

Secondly, you’re compromising because you think at some point something will change about the woman you are dating. When you don’t show up in life and relationships as your true self, that costs everyone.

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Even if your girlfriend dresses in a completely different way than you do or has a completely different body type, she still probably has something for you to wear if you need it. There's only so much that a cis guy can understand what you mean when you talk about sexism at work and how the first day of your period feels like an anvil is crushing your lower body and street harassment.

Probably from all that readily available lotion, man. Even some of the butchest lesbians have that shit on lockdown. You can tell each other anything and they'll actually understand.

What if you’re not sure who you really are deep down inside?

Then you need to take some time to find out who is in there.

Get a pen and paper, or open up Word on your computer, and get that list going.

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