Rules for lesbian dating

What if you’re not sure who you really are deep down inside?Then you need to take some time to find out who is in there.

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Bringing your whole self to your dating life means you’ll end up with a much better match and a much better chance for a long and lasting lesbian love.

If you don’t have a list of requirements, then start one right now.

Get a pen and paper, or open up Word on your computer, and get that list going.

And take a minute to share your requirements in the comment section.

It seems obvious, but let me tell you that it’s not so easily done.

When you are lonely, frustrated and you don’t want be alone for another weekend, holiday, birthday or vacation without a girlfriend, those feelings can be the tipping point into really bad relationship choices.There is tremendous power and peace that comes to the woman who takes the time to really know herself — the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful delicious and juicy parts. Because in our little lesbian-dating world, I see too many women compromise their own identity to be in a relationship and then are heartbroken when it doesn’t work out.Women are more naturally relationship focused, and with that, you tend to start relationships by compromising yourself. A couple of things are really wrong with compromising at the start of a relationship.It doesn’t matter if she lives in New York City or a tiny village in Alaska (though I think the village in Alaska could win the contest for hardest place to find a date!) In my work as a dating coach, I talk to gay women every day who have no idea who they really are deep inside. Well, it means you compromise yourself at the core of your being.It’s a problem that can’t be solved and will end your relationship.

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