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Reimagined and restored by Swag Custom Rides using CARDONE parts, and powered by a green, eco-friendly engine, its very existence demonstrates CARDONE’S values of creative engineering, rich partnerships, and environmental responsibility. Open only to legal residents of the 48 contiguous US/DC, who are automotive service professionals and DIY mechanics, and who are at least 18 years or older at the time of entry.

(1) The court may order joint hearings or trials of any issues in related family cases.

(2) For joint or coordinated hearings, notice to all parties and to all attorneys of record in each related case shall be provided by the court, the moving party, or other party as ordered by the court, regardless of whether or not the party providing notice is a party in every case number that will be called for hearing.

While at a CARDONE training clinic, you may register on a Sweepstakes tablet provided by the CARDONE training instructor.

Additional venues will be listed on this site as they are scheduled.

Persons with authorized access to confidential information shall develop methods to ensure that the address remains confidential as provided by law.

Disclosure by parties of confidential information and documents contained in court files for related family cases, except in accordance with applicable state and federal confidentiality statutes, is prohibited.(1) These rules apply to all actions concerning family matters, including injunctions for protection against domestic, repeat, dating, and sexual violence, and stalking, except as otherwise provided by the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure or the Florida Probate Rules. The Family Law Rules Committee of The Florida Bar shall propose amendments to these forms and any associated instructions.

"Family matters," "family law matters," or "family law cases" as used within these rules include, but are not limited to, matters arising from dissolution of marriage, annulment, support unconnected with dissolution of marriage, paternity, child support, an action involving a parenting plan for a minor child or children (except as otherwise provided by the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure), proceedings for temporary or concurrent custody of minor children by extended family, adoption, proceedings for emancipation of a minor, declaratory judgment actions related to premarital, marital, or post-marital agreements (except as otherwise provided, when applicable, by the Florida Probate Rules), injunctions for protection against domestic, repeat, dating, and sexual violence, and stalking, and all proceedings for modification, enforcement, and civil contempt of these actions.(2) The form, content, procedure, and time for pleading in all special statutory proceedings shall be as prescribed by the statutes governing the proceeding unless these rules or the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, where applicable, specifically provide to the contrary. These forms shall be designated "Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Forms." Forms coming under this provision are: All additional Supreme Court approved forms shall be adopted by opinion of the Supreme Court of Florida and outside of the rulemaking procedures required by rule 2.140.

All actions governed by these rules shall also be governed by the Florida Evidence Code, which shall govern in cases where a conflict with these rules may occur.(1) These rules are intended to facilitate access to the court and to provide procedural fairness to all parties, to save time and expense through active case management, setting timetables, and the use of alternatives to litigation, and to enable the court to coordinate related cases and proceedings to avoid multiple appearances by the same parties on the same or similar issues and to avoid inconsistent court orders. These forms shall be designated "Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms." The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure are applicable in all family law matters except as otherwise provided in these rules.

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