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These meetings take place at different locations and offer numerous papers on selected current topics as well as attractive visits to companies and institutions.During the ensuing general meeting, all participants will receive cuurent news about conferences, international cooperation, supported programmes and much more. 2009 in Asslar the change of the name from "AK Plasma" into "PLASMA GERMANY" was being decided and the status of the membership at PLASMA GERMANY has been specified.Its most varied fields of application come together in this competence network.

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Then hee you will find plenty of useful information on studying and living in Frankfurt we have gathered on the following pages. When being new in a city and country a lot of questions will start to pop-up that we will try to answer.

The information will also help you to study successfully.

The dividend rates from such shares are the same today.

One hundred years ago, Russia had less industry than major world powers.

If you have any questions, please contact the EFDS directly. Christian Oehr Fraunhofer Institut für Grenzflächen- und Bioverfahrenstechnik (IGB)e-mail: [email protected] Honorary Chairman: Prof.

You are or soon will be an international student at Goethe-University?

On October 25, 1917, Vladimir Lenin ordered Bolshevik forces to attack the Winter Palace, the official home of Russia’s rulers, in Saint Petersburg.

The raid started the Bolshevik Revolution, also called the Red October revolution.

And the country became more industrial during the Soviet years.

Charlie Robertson is an economist with Renaissance Capital.

It says the Russias of 19 have more in common than might be expected.

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