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Looking at the audience, you could be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss was about.

Was the Blue System website providing Russian LGBT with information about sex? But there was much more.“The Blue System website was mainly popular as a dating resource,” Pavel Lobkov, a Russian television anchor, told The Daily Beast.

Lobkov was the first Russian to come out and publicly declare on live TV that he had HIV, and he said Blue System helped him meet others with the virus.

Earlier this year, the site reported that communities in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, St.

Petersburg, and Tula, as well as in the Crimean towns of Yalta and Simferopol, asked Russian authorities to allow them to march in defense of LGBT rights, and everywhere they heard the same “Nyet!

The gesture is important, said Korolyov, at a time when the authorities are facilitating homophobic discourse that, in turn, inspires hate crimes.

Before, people might have turned to Blue System for advice on how to stay safe.

Speaking on Friday, lead dancer Vladislav Lantratov, who plays Nureyev, said the experience in July had been “very difficult”.

The cast had “dreamed the show would happen,” he said.

The protest was proposed by Daniel Trabun, an editor at Russian : “The government forced a prudish, sterile, and conservative attitude without any explanation or opportunity for discussion.

This unhealthy duality also manifests in the lack of a neutral lexicon that we could use to talk about sex," Trabun wrote on Facebook.

The parallel investigation and August arrest of the ballet’s director, Kirill Serebrennikov, added to those suspicions.

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