Sagittarius woman dating taurus man radioactive carbon dating of fossils

If they don’t, it won’t be mended whatever they try to do.Usually loss of trust here simply breaks up the relationship and they both go their separate ways with no regret.

The combination of signs of Taurus and Sagittarius is a “flower child” full of love, understanding for the world and ultimately humane.

They could support each other’s utopian worlds a bit too passionately, and this could lead to one of them, or both, being in a delusion about what reality is about.

Although they will rarely end up in a fight or use ugly words, it can sometimes be too obvious how much they don’t care for each other’s worlds and how far apart they really are.

They are both connected with the Moon in a way, so there are some feelings to be shared.

In return they would get a cheerful soul who knows how to make their relationship exciting.

There is so much to be learned about the “light side” of sexuality here, and this could be a fun experience if Taurus loosened up a little and Sagittarius slowed down.

The Sagittarius woman will need plenty of freedom for things to work.

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Trust between these partners isn’t something to be questioned and analyzed.

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