Sea full of fish dating

It is suspected that this was a reaction to the bright lights on Deep Discoverer; the medusae attempted to swim deeper away from the light they thought was coming from the surface.

These jellyfish undertake a daily migration towards the surface at dusks, and back down towards the depths at dusk.

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Tripod fishes rest on the seafloor on the tips of elongated rays of their pelvic and lower caudal fins.

They use the elongated rays of their pectoral fins as sensory “antennae” that project out and forward as the fish sits facing into the current.

Fish experts on the global midwater team were blown away by the appearance of this fish from the genus Leptochilichthys.

The observation placed this fish at a shallow depth of 900 meters (2,953 feet), when typical observations place this fish squarely in the bathypelagic zone at ~2,000 meters (6,562 feet).

The scientists suspect the creature was reacting to the bright lights on the submersible and attempted to swim down away from the light it thought was coming from the surface.

This creature hasn't been widely studied by scientists.

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