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"All it takes to have a healthy relationship with sex is to enjoy it. A lot of the guys that come through here are shy, or disabled, or just haven't had good experiences with women. Her smile is so big as she speaks that I know she means it. The longer I talk to them, the more it feels like I'm talking to employees of a conventional business, a resort or hotel, maybe. When they're on the clock, the girls work 12-hour shifts, either 5 AM to 5 PM or vice versa.

I guess you could say they're in the ultimate customer service industry. While on her tour, a woman isn't allowed to approach the Ranch's hotel area or talk to its guests — to do so would be solicitation.

Sheri's Ranch Erin is a former Marine and the newest girl at Sheri's Ranch Sheri's Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada's Nye County (NSFW), sent a black Town Car to pick me up from my hotel in Las Vegas." data-reactid="33"The world's oldest profession has been legal in parts of Nevada since 1971, but is unambiguously illegal everywhere else.

Getting there" data-reactid="34"Google Maps Anyone wanting to legally exchange money for sex has to get out of Las Vegas to do so.

Sheri's Ranch is in Pahrump, Nev., a rural desert community an hour outside Vegas where prostitution is legal, alive, and well.

If people start asking him questions about specific girls, he puts it on for them to watch.

He's happy to answer customers' general questions, but he's not supposed to comment on specific women in case he were to recommend some over others." data-reactid="50" car, Fabio tells me, he has a DVD player for customers to watch short ads for each girl at the Ranch, something akin to movie trailers before the main attraction.

Move just a couple miles west and it'd be a different story.

How to get a job as a prostitute" data-reactid="97"Sheri's Ranch Destini is married with a childthe application page here (NSFW).

Even though she's wearing a distracting robe and lingerie, there's a maternal glow in her face when she talks about her child, and it totally steals the scene. She's a happily married mom and working prostitute.

Does she ever worry about having a healthy relationship with sex? '" Screenshot Looking down the hallway of girls' rooms The unsexy logistics of it all Girls at the Ranch work one "tour" at a time, a contractual stay at the Ranch that can last five days on the short end and up to two weeks or longer.

As madam of the Ranch, she fills something of a motherly role for the girls who work here, seeing to their needs and making sure that the day-to-day operations of the Ranch are running smoothly.

She facilitates the relationship between employer and employee.

Sheri's Ranch Amber Lynn trades time between Pahrump and Florida Amber Lynn trades time between Florida and Pahrump – two weeks on at Sheri's Ranch, two weeks at home with her boyfriend.

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