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Neha and her father compare the earrings and decide that her meeting Aftab was no coincidence and she breaks the engagement to join Aftab. Aftab notices the earrings that Neha was wearing and, on questioning, he is informed that it was the earring that was given to her by the lady in the train.

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After spending the night with him in the fields she returns home in the morning; many villagers notice the colourful dupatta on her head and mistake her for her daughter.

When the villagers come to break the marriage describing the incident, Minisha learns that it was her mother who went to meet the man.

She goes with great enthusiasm, but to her utter dismay finds a small diamond ring.

She comes out of his cabin and tries to call the jeweler.

Some of the stories have twisted ending and bring supernatural elements and have similarities with other supernatural series like Tales from the Crypt.

The film was declared an above average grosser at the box office.Synopsis The bored wife of an MNC vice president (Arbaaz), Mandira, has an extramarital affair with an army officer she met on a chatroom.She meets him every Thursday on the pretext of visiting her aunt. She describes her affair as not only for sex but also for genuine love and consideration. She goes to a jeweler and hands over the necklace with an arrangement that she be given a coupon, which under the pretext of a lucky draw and she'd be given her necklace.Masumeh gets helped by the cops but Jimmy feeling responsible, slashes his wrists and dies. Crew Synopsis Amrita's daughter Minisha has just been engaged and her father is out on business once again leaving the ladies alone.Amrita has led a loveless life and on this particular day her daughter adorns her mother with a colourful dupatta and comments on how pretty she looks.When you enter jaw-dropping Shower Lingerie Free Sex for the first time, you can hardly believe that the choice you see there with your own thrilled eyes is really possible to access!

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