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In the Hebrew year 2448 (1312 BCE), after crossing the Red Sea, the Jews came to a place called Mara -- literally "bitter," because the water there was bitter.

The people complained and Moses miraculously made the waters turn sweet.

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missed both the evening and the following day), then you are still required to count until the end of 49 days - but WITHOUT a blessing.

The reason why one is not permitted to say the blessing is because the Torah writes "You shall count... Therefore, if a person missed counting one entire day, it can no longer be considered complete.

But with that very demand, he causes himself much unhappiness.

Give up your demand for what you are unable to obtain and you will live a happier life. While visiting a community for a lecture, I awoke to a cold, drizzly, dreary day, which only added to my rather depressed spirits at that particular time.

The early monastics suffered constant privations, and some were also crowned by martyrdom.

Many at the time lived in solitude during the days of the week, and gathered at a central chapel on the Lord’s day for common prayer and the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

The one said, “For the salvation of our most august emperor Justinian.” The other says, “For the memory and repose of our departed empress Theodora.” The empress Theodora died in the year 548, and the basilica is first mentioned by Procopius, writing about the year 556.

This allows a dating of the basilica to within a few years.

To this day, the fathers of Sinai commemorate the sovereigns Justinian and Theodora at every Liturgy as the founders of the holy monastery. The Holy Monastery of Sinai survived this change of rulership, which is attributed to the Letter of Protection.

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