Singles dating groups in columbus ohio dating a mountain climber

Sure, Columbus could be perceived as a “small town” in the sense that people tend to know each other and run in similar circles.

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People can definitely be too picky and superficial.

When this happens, it’s a great opportunity for me to ask questions, dig deeper, and discover why it is they feel the need for specificity.

Typically, once I have a better understanding of them, it’s not that they’re picky; I find that they are repeating patterns or simply have a comfort level with a certain type.

It’s my job to bring this to the surface and push them outside their comfort zone.

Although, I have learned it’s best to leave my dating advice/relationship expert/introduction service owner’s hat at the office each night.

I am a business professional, so I tend to keep my personal life private from my clients.

I hosted a huge singles event with the Columbus Blue Jackets last spring, and a couple I introduced (who are now married) came to the event together just to say hello.

My romantic life is just like everyone else’s, actually.

With Tinder, Match, Ok Cupid, e Harmony, and others out there offering dating connections at your fingertips—for a minimal cost—traditional matchmaking services like Sprouse’s might appear to aim at a dwindling market. A far less brutal version of Bravo’s Patti, Sprouse is Columbus’s “millionaire matchmaker,” and between Cincinnati and the capital city, she has interviewed more than 500 people in an attempt to match up the busiest successful business professionals.

Before moving to Columbus five years ago, I ran a millionaire matchmaking service in Cincinnati.

Have online dating services made it tougher to recruit clients or matches? Historically, online dating sites have been a rite of passage—some find success, many don’t.

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