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Sorbian is a Slavic language spoken by approximately 60,000 people in eastern Germany.

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Names must also be chosen from a pool of distinctly German names.

These include Dieter and Helmut for boys and Katarina and Christa for girls. Its characters, including Siegfried, Brunhilde, and Hagen, have become famous around the world through the operas of Richard Wagner (1813–83).

However, progress was faster and more dramatic in the West than in the East.

Because of this, nearly three million East Germans eventually fled to West Germany, seeking better lives.

Germans must get government approval for the names of their children.

Male children must have obviously male names, and female children must have obviously female names.

In this century, Germany fought in two world wars (World War I, 1914–1918, and World War II, 1939–1945), and lost both.

Following the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, the nation was divided by the countries that had defeated it: the United States, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union.

Major rivers include the Rhine in the west and the Danube, which flows from west to east.

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