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First of all sketch out the head in the form of a circle, then the thorax and the pelvis in shape of circles. Recall that in the first steps we need to use very light lines. First of all sketch out a long muzzle and neck, thickening to the torso.

On the head we sketch out the ears, eyes, horn and mane.

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Pay attention that under the skin are clearly visible bones of the chest and joints on the legs.

Here we do the same actions but this time with the hind legs, that is, erase all unnecessary additional lines from the legs and carefully draw them, making the lines clear and beautiful. This is a very simple step in which we need to draw the long and swanky tail of our unicorn.

Recall that starting with this step we use clear and dark lines.

Continue drawing tutorial about how to draw a unicorn step by step.

This was another drawing lesson in the category “Myths and Legends” which, as always, was made by the team of artists of Drawing For All.

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