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If the links are not intentional, then finding and removing the links in the spreadsheet will stop that message from appearing.

If the links are intentional, then you probably do want them to update - and this message should be able to be bypassed by the way in which you open the workbook.

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Formulas within smaller spreadsheets will recalculate faster as large spreadsheets are generally unwieldy.

Different view of your spreadsheet can be set up as you can select what data you would like to use for spreadsheet linking.

Click OK, now when you start up a file the links will update automatically without requiring confirmation from you first.

T o receive training in how to use spreadsheet linking, how to create links between spreadsheets in different workbooks and how it can assist you in your everyday business life, contact Miricle Solutions.

The spreadsheet linking function is useful when you have to calculate values from spreadsheets with lots of information.

Have a look at: Excel course covering linking cells between sheets and spreadsheets Spreadsheet linking assists an Excel user to keep his Excel spreadsheets at a manageable size.Excel has introduced a tool that allows you to edit and update the links in your workbook, Go to Edit, Links and here you will find a variety of options that can be used to manage your spreadsheet linking.Update Values, Change Source, Open Source, Break link and Check Status.Locate your and look at its properties to confirm if it is running the 32-bit or 64-bit version.Note: It is possible to install the 64-bit version in the C:\Program Files (x86) folder, but by default it will install in the C:\Program Files folder.You can reboot, log in as admin, rename the affected userprofile folder, then log in as that user to create a fresh profile.

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