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Since the upgrade, some of the cells weren't updating. The /s bypasses all XLStart files, but you may want to disable all add-ons as well for testing.

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As said above it is possible to do spreadsheet linking between two spreadsheets within a workbook, but it is necessary however that the data you require to link is on separate sheets within your workbook.

Once you have two or more sheets with data that you would like to link using the spreadsheet linking formula, you can create a third sheet within the workbook that will efficiently reflect the data, for example the total of the first quarter profit from 20.

Excel has introduced a tool that allows you to edit and update the links in your workbook, Go to Edit, Links and here you will find a variety of options that can be used to manage your spreadsheet linking.

Update Values, Change Source, Open Source, Break link and Check Status.

Recently an Auto CAD customer reported that after installing Auto CAD 2013 on his new computer that the Datalink that he had created between an Auto CAD table and an Excel spreadsheet would no longer update the table when he made changes in Excel.

Using the Datalink command, to link to a range of cells in an external Excel spreadsheet.The spreadsheet linking function is useful when you have to calculate values from spreadsheets with lots of information.Have a look at: Excel course covering linking cells between sheets and spreadsheets Spreadsheet linking assists an Excel user to keep his Excel spreadsheets at a manageable size.The ‘destination’ file – the file in which the links are placed reflects only a copy of the data as it retains only the ‘address’ of the source file.Therefore the source file should be accessible at all times.Click OK, now when you start up a file the links will update automatically without requiring confirmation from you first.

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