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Some systems (Suns Open Windows and CDE) have copy and paste buttons that work with the System clipboard that can be used to copy things out of other windows.

For other OSes, the standard Control-C and Control-V (also known as Option under Macintosh OS) will work.

A workaround to this limitation is to map a key or mouse button to access the system clipboard as follows: *VT100. This is the CLIPBOARD selection under X-windows (as defined by Sun). The problem is getting the items to pass between these two bufferes.

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To figure out what to put in the two Netscape environment, first execute to look at this file (those are backwards single quote characters around which netscape).

If it is comes back with binary data, the startup script is the same as the binary location.

If there are problems with the email communication, the address from which the email is sent is needed to send back problems.

Once received, your registered email information will be used to tell you what has been requested and to tell you when the request is completed. Star View needs to know your SMTP hostname to be able to send mail to the archive when you want to retrieve data.

For others (HST) this will add extra qualifiers to the query to restrict the results.

Different OSes have different clipboards, which adds to the complexity of this question.

Then use Control-V to paste this text into Star View.

You will not be able to use the standard X windows middle mouse button to paste.

This information is not collected or sent to the server in any other fashion. If you're not familiar with your SMTP hostname, please contact your system administrator.

Alternately, if you use Netscape or some other mail program, you may check its setup to find your SMTP hostname (sometimes referred to as the Outgoing mail server).

Sun suggests the following solution for Linux but it should work for any X-Windows system (this is taken from Articles/Programming/linux/ ): If you have been using Windows or a keyboard with a copy and paste key, you might be wondering how to copy and paste text between Java programs and other desktop programs and terminals.

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