Starview the box not updating astronomical dating system

This information is not collected or sent to the server in any other fashion. If you're not familiar with your SMTP hostname, please contact your system administrator.

Alternately, if you use Netscape or some other mail program, you may check its setup to find your SMTP hostname (sometimes referred to as the Outgoing mail server).

This technique works for Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) components because they use the primary selection to achieve copy and paste.

Project Swing components, however, use the system clipboard for copy and paste, and most tools on the desktop, apart from the Netscape browser, do not use the clipboard. We do not claim this will work for all systems and that it will not break other programs. For those of you wishing a more technical reason as to the problem: Java uses the system clipboard for all platforms and under Windows and Mac OS all other application use the same clipboard buffer.

To figure out what to put in the two Netscape environment, first execute to look at this file (those are backwards single quote characters around which netscape).

If it is comes back with binary data, the startup script is the same as the binary location.

The service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of (from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones).

Star View is an astronomical database browser and research analysis tool.

In fact, Open Windows and CDE under Solaris use two different clipboard systems. Because of this, under CDE and Open Windows, to copy and paste from an X terminal window you will have to use the Control-C and Control-V commands.

Highlight the text you wish to copy and then type Control-C (or use the copy button on the keyboard if you keyboard has one).

Some systems (Suns Open Windows and CDE) have copy and paste buttons that work with the System clipboard that can be used to copy things out of other windows.

For other OSes, the standard Control-C and Control-V (also known as Option under Macintosh OS) will work.

Please refer to the Star View for information on downloading, installing, and running Star View. You will not have to download any installers in the future, but rather have the program update itself.

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