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So, already Steve is a little unreliable, but let's keep going.Weinstein and his coach left their dinner around 9 p.m.

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Harvey Weinstein was reportedly having dinner with his sober coach on Tuesday night when he was punched by some random drunk guy named Steve!

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He had been through a few scandals before - the divorces, the Miss Universe Pageant and the Asian joke gone bad - but he had never faced the wrath of his core audience before, middle-aged African Americans.'And unfortunately for Steve, he was too arrogant to realize the weight of his mistake and never made amends to his loyal followers for it.'Since then, the ratings for Harvey's game show Family Feud took a dip and the audience for his variety show Little Big Shots dropped almost by half.

But it wasn't until the ratings for his revamped talk show started suffering did Harvey acknowledge his glaring Trump error.

The retooled show premiered on September 5 after a few months of preparation, and both ratings and reviews for the program have been less than stellar.

Sources close to the production told Daily they believe the poor numbers reflect a fallout from Harvey's black audience after he met with Trump in January.

The 60-year-old relaunched his daytime show when his previous program was set to be canceled because the host refused to sign his contract because he wasn't getting a raise and couldn't move his show to Los Angeles.

As a result, Harvey's talent agency decided to launch a new show, simply retitled Steve, for the comic based in Hollywood in an effort to keep the show going.

Harvey said: 'Meeting with Donald Trump was the worst mistake of my life.

I should have never gone up there'A source close to the production told Daily 'People just hate the show.

Now Harvey is turning on the president in a desperate bid to save his show, recently proclaiming on his radio show: 'Meeting with Donald Trump was the worst mistake of my life.' Steve Harvey is turning on President Trump as a result of his dismal ratings for his new TV show, Daily has exclusively learned.

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