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The one adjective that kept popping into my head as the film played out in front of me was “serviceable”.

The film does nothing more than pay adequate service to the story of Snow White: we have a fair princess, a wicked queen, a handsome prince, and seven dwarves who for some reason have been cast as a band of merry thieves.

For example, instead of seeing the Evil Queen spend her time plotting the murder of Snow White, she is shown as a vain fool who spends her days getting facials with parrot poop. I guess the execution of the film was conceived in one giant cesspool of “I guess”. And then there is the reframing of the story: gone is the original tale of two women whose rivalry is invariably one-sided. The final nail in the film’s coffin is its pathetically weak reimagining of the role of Snow White. The tragedy is that the performance could have worked in a better film with stronger characterizations. All I know is that it made me long for the original Disney classic from 1937. Katrina Bowden made a splash last night at Caesar’s Palace’s Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas where the premiere of American Reunion was held.

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Since there’s not much you say when the photos can do all the necessary dirty talking, we’ll leave you guys w/ a Sexy Legs Matchup.

Although I think it’s fairly obvious who has the juicier pair of sticks, I’ll still leave it up to the masses to decide.

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For those of you in Sydney or planning a trip to the beautiful city, the new nightclub commands expansive views of Sydney Harbour and the city’s famous skyline.

With three lavish rooms, great beats to compliment all the expensive booze, this is definitely the place to hit if you’re a sugar daddy looking to score one of Sydney’s hottest chicks.

Again, as we mentioned earlier, roughly a 1000 celebrities (we use that word very liberally) were packed inside the joint and everyone enjoyed beats courtesy of DJs Afrojack & Red Foo of LMFAO.

According to the club’s official website set to perform tonight, so that’s definitely worth a trip in itself (if you’re already in Sydney, of course).

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