Teen dating vs studying

They are both so hot, they can’t keep their hands off each other and are constantly making out.They are all supposed to study, but she’s still feeling so fucking horny.Unfortunately, her stepmom comes back from the market, and she has to stop.

She kisses and nibbles it, using her tongue and fingers to stimulate her.

She knows the proper technique to make her squirt and it doesn’t take long for her to have her young pussy squirting like a garden hose, spraying lots of pussy juice all over the living room couch and floor! This freaked out blonde teen believes she got pregnant simply by having sex with her boyfriend so, desperate, she knocks on her stepmom’s bedroom door to see if she can check her and make sure.

She discovers she loves her stepmom’s pussy so much more than cock.

The good thing about having lesbian sex with her stepmother is that they can do it all day long and she will never ever have to worry about getting pregnant!

The sexy babe massages it between her big tits while she makes out with her best friend. The cougar makes the girls take turns sucking that big, delicious dick and then orders her back on top of it, pushing it inside her gushing cunt and watching her getting fucked.

Her friend licks the tip of her bf’s cock between her friend’s tits and kisses her. Everything is perfect, until her stepmom barges into the room! She thinks it’s all over, her friends will be expelled and she will be grounded for life, but her stepmom strips naked, gets into bed with the boyfriend and signals the naked girls to come and join them for an incredible foursome fuck! She pops it out of her cunt and feeds it to her best friend and the she gets to straddle herself on top of her boyfriend and ride him too, while her friend and her stepmom watch.

This sexy brunette teen slut has been single for so long, she’s always feeling so fucking horny!

While waiting for her best friend to arrive to do their homework together, she fantasizes about her best friend’s boyfriend’s cock, fondling her big tits while rubbing and finger fucking her hairy snatch.

The lucky dude gets three wet pussies all lined up for him to fuck…

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