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“My oldest child, home from college, needed a summer job,” he recounts.

“She went into a store that wasn’t hiring and talked her way in to see the manager and got a job.

The Kaiser report reveals that tweens and teens spend nearly 10 3/4 hours daily with all media (adding up multiple media use through multitasking), a nearly 50 percent increase in media time over the past decade.

You can rotate who decides what to do, and there should be no media allowed.” That no-media rule should also apply to the dinner table and when you eat out.

The point of al this is to have personal interaction, including talk, eye contact, nuance, tone and attitude—things technology doesn’t require. This is about time and usage limits that make sense to you as a parent.

The heavy users are also less likely to get along with their parents and be happy at school, and more likely to be bored or unhappy.

While a lot about technology is good, helpful and fun—instant access to information, the ability to connect with parents and peers in a moment, music wherever you are—tech can inhibit personal interaction and other essential skills our children need, asserts Malcolm Gauld, the president of Hyde Schools (hyde.edu), an organization of East Coast charter and boarding schools, and coauthor of the parenting book .

The purpose is not only to keep tech time reasonable, but also to allow for time for human interaction with your child.

Set consequences as well, with the responsibility on your child.

Instead of wondering if someone likes you, you should first ask yourself if you really like them, says psychotherapist Elsbeth Martindale, Psy D. Check out the person's values -- do they match yours?

“Look for someone who matches you,” Martindale says.

Being healthy also means having a positive mental attitude, and making safe decisions about your body and behaviors.

Be healthy to feel confident, look great, and take care of your body!

“You’re paying for the Internet and cell and text usage, so you can say, ‘I don’t think you’re participating in the family, so I won’t pay for your phone,’” suggests Gauld.

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