Truth in dating finding love by getting real

• had sex with someone in order to avoid conflict or confrontation?

• agreed to go out with someone and then called later to break the date?

• lied to someone in order to protect his or her feelings?

truth in dating finding love by getting real-36

• been jealous about your date's attention to another person, but acted cool?

• pretended to like someone more than you really did?

Lyons, Ph D, coauthors of Undefended Love “Encyclopedic in scope, packed with wisdom, and generously sprinkled with real-people examples .

Truth in Dating provides a set of simple yet profound awareness practices that support finding and relating to your soulmate.

• felt nervous or inhibited with someone you're especially attracted to?

• wished you could be more spontaneous and natural with someone you're just getting to know?If you answered yes to any of these questions, rest assured that you are not alone.In my workshops and conversations with research participants, almost everyone answered yes to most of them. Yet when you do allow yourself to be real and spontaneous, you're more radiant, alive, and attractive.In a recent seminar, I asked Ted, one of the men in the group, to pick out a woman he found attractive and then whisper to me the thoughts he was having as he noticed her across the room.He said, "I'm thinking that someone as cute as her would probably not be interested in me." So I asked him, "What if you were to go up to her and tell her that you noticed her and then tell her what you just told me? " He accepted the challenge, walked over to where she was seated, and told her, "I have been watching you for a while, and I wanted to come over and say that I think you're really cute ...and I was also thinking to myself that someone as cute as you would probably not be interested in someone like me ... " The other workshop participants who were watching cracked up!

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