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Let us know if there are other websites you'd like to work better with Facebook. Maybe I'll be able to build it when I return next summer.Michael is getting ready to return to Stanford University for his junior year.

Better yet, most tools allow you to post to additional platforms like Linkedin and Google plus too so you can kill more than two birds with one stone.

In fact, you’re in luck because we did an in-depth review of the various social media management tools comparing all the features so you can find which is the right fit for you.

Update March 2016: Many of our readers have encountered issues with the link feature.

After recreating the issue ourselves we have found the problem to be true, so we feel your pain.

Additionally, you can post your Tweets to your Facebook page by going to however as of June 2015 when we last checked, this feature is experiencing technical issues.

There have been some comments below from our readers on their first hand experience and efforts to link them, however we’ll be sure to update this post when the issue is officially fixed and working again.We are always looking to make it easy for you to use Facebook with your favorite websites and applications.Facebook Connect allows you to bring your Facebook profile with you across the Web.From there it will take you to a prompt to authorize Facebook to use your account.If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your Twitter username and password first.On this page, simply select the “unlink from Twitter” link next to the Twitter accounts you no longer wish to have associated with their respective Facebook pages.

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