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There is nothing like too many precautions when it comes to safety.This is particularly true for owners who have kids at home.Apart from that, these cameras can double up as baby monitors or just home monitors to ensure safety.

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It’s been designed in a way in which owners can stay close and connected to their pets allowing them to see, talk, play, and reward their pet, while they’re away on business or holiday.

Because pets experience separation anxiety when left to their own devices for long periods of time, destructive behaviors can manifest as a way to gain attention.

Invest in something that comes with a smartphone app and a wide angle HD camera so that you can check up on your dog in real time.

It is no secret that some pet cameras are more advanced and offer more unique features that may be valuable as compared to others.

You get a push notification when your dog barks and the Furbo is smart enough to recognize a bark from noise.

We loved the clear crisp HD video and the 2-way microphone means you can call your pooch when you're lonely.If you’ve ever been in the situation in which you want to know what happens with your pets in your house while you’re away, there is now a solution: Petcube Bites.Petcube Bites is an interactive HD pet camera that monitors your four-legged friend, it's stand out feature is that it dispenses treats.Dogs can be more mischievous while you are not around because they get bored, they miss you or they have separation anxiety.Dogs are better known for their mischief than cats on this regard, mostly because they’re used to being part of a pack and they feel isolated when you the pack leader leaves for the day.We love the great looking and sleek design and think it would fit in any home without being too obtrusive. We connected the Furbo to power, downloaded the App, and connected it to our wifi network.

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