Two way webcam chat

We love the great looking and sleek design and think it would fit in any home without being too obtrusive. We connected the Furbo to power, downloaded the App, and connected it to our wifi network.

You can fire up the app at any time and have a look what your doggies are up to.

This can be especially important for owners who are trying to train their pet, when you can't be at home.

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Two way webcam chat

It’s been designed in a way in which owners can stay close and connected to their pets allowing them to see, talk, play, and reward their pet, while they’re away on business or holiday.

Because pets experience separation anxiety when left to their own devices for long periods of time, destructive behaviors can manifest as a way to gain attention.

You get a push notification when your dog barks and the Furbo is smart enough to recognize a bark from noise.

We loved the clear crisp HD video and the 2-way microphone means you can call your pooch when you're lonely.

It also solves the mystery of chewed shoes, pillows, beds and other forbidden items, especially if you have multiple animals in the house.

Moreover, this is a great way to give you a feel of you being around your dog or cat.

Apart from that, these cameras can double up as baby monitors or just home monitors to ensure safety.

In this section, we'll review three of the best ranked cameras.

Motion or sound activation is a good example of a unique feature that lets you know when your pet is barking excessively or has left a certain area.

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