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COM This American owned and managed marriage agency is at the top of my Gold List.The owner Gregory actually lives there in Ukraine and know whats going on with most of the marriage agencies there. and I am the new owner of I HAVE CHOOSEN NOT TO PUT MY PHOTO ON THIS WEBSITE DO TO ALL THE BAD MARRIAGE AGENCIES OUT THERE TRYING TO DESTROY DAVE, ME AND THIS WEBSITE. I WOULD NOT USE THIS AGENCY or the company who owns them "Travel & Tourism Solutions" Email me at [email protected] I will tell you why!

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And give you details how to send them money via Western Union. Another variation of the same scam: the agency is trying to steer you to their website to continue translated PAID correspondence through their agency. Any legitimate translation agency will work ONLY with a customer who hired them and will not pass charges on somebody else.

This scam is pulled by both: Russian and Ukrainian scam agencies.

Often “processing a client” lasts 4-6 months, if the victim “does not bite”, they switch to another.

There are a lot of scam schemes, according which the scammers work and recognize each other…Among the most common scam schemes for the Ukrainian dating site visitors are: The scammers “play” often on the women’s feeling of compassion.

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A global network covered not only the sphere of people’s business and friendly relations; it reached also the personal one.cation.htm" onclick=";return false; Info Tracer is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL, NAME or PHONE.They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere.There are some similarities, but also some differences from visa-ticket scam.The difference is that the letters are written in a fairly good English, and a girl DOES read and answer your letters. Who would want to pay for a lousy translation, especially when your letters are not even being read? Signs of scam: - their pictures are too good to be true, looking like a professional playboy western model (though sometimes they use pics of ordinary girls) - they contact you first on a dating site and give their email address in the first message, or solicit your email address - their profile disappears from a dating site shorty after you get their message, or is already gone.He places there a profile, photo of a pretty girl not promoted online. Of course, “the real men” lend their reliable shoulders sending money on indicated requisites.

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