Updating data in a linked table is not supported

Hi: I am working with an XLS file, andhave Access 2000. You will have to work out a different method: Perhaps delete the file and create a new empty file, or perhaps use Excel Automation to clear or delete the data, or perhaps just update all of the data to zero/blank.

updating data in a linked table is not supported-20

Because the connection information in this case is not stored with a table definition, there is no link between the external table and a Microsoft Access database, and an icon for the table will not appear in the Database window.

In many cases, linking is the faster method for accessing external data, especially when the data is located in an ODBC database.

These include Microsoft® Fox Pro® database management system, Paradox®, Microsoft Access, and others.

There are two methods of handling the connection to the external data.

External data falls into two categories: indexed sequential access method (ISAM) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

The ISAM data sources are traditionally computer-based databases.You can link the tables either by using the user interface or from Microsoft Access Basic.It is also possible to open external databases directly from Microsoft Access Basic.When you link a table, the table looks and performs in most respects like a Microsoft Access table.It even has its own icon in the Database window, along with the other tables in the database.Microsoft Access Basic provides two choices for accessing external data sources.

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